Kenyan Young Generation in Nuclear is Non-profit organization in Kenya and an affiliate of the International Youth Nuclear Congress (IYNC) whose membership is drawn from member states of the United Nations. KYGN Network brings on board scientists and students with special interest in the nuclear science and allied fields.”

Kenyan Young Generation in Nuclear (KYGN) hosted the inaugural African Youth Nuclear Summit, dubbed AYNS2017 that took place on the 27th to 30th March, 2017, at Kenyatta International Conventional Centre (KICC), Nairobi. The participants were drawn from academia, research and development institutes, radiation services providers, health institutions, nuclear facilities and regulatory bodies. They shared experiences, exchanged ideas and built networks on issues related to safe application of nuclear science and technology.

The theme of the summit was “Nuclear for a Sustainable future”. The discussions which were conducted through plenary, panel sessions and workshops were centered around three thematic areas: Nuclear powering Africa, Radiation Protection and safety culture; and application of nuclear science and technology for a sustainable future.

The summit was attended by key speakers from across the globe. Among the speakers included Mrs. Agneta Rising, The Director General, World Nuclear Association. She pointed out that nuclear energy has made a major contribution to world energy output and was set to increase by two and half time by 2040. She further challenged governments to: provide strong political and industry leadership to communicate long term benefit versus risk; embrace a holistic approach to society risks from electricity generation so that health and environmental benefits of all sources are maximised; recognise the health impacts of the alternatives to nucl1ear energy; reward nuclear energy for not polluting; and introduce accident response measures that genuinely increase public wellbeing – to limit overall impact, not just radiation. Prof, Shaukat Abdulrazak, Director of the IAEA’s Technical Cooperation, Africa Division represented International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) at the summit. He was accompanied by Ms. Tamara Lynne Yankovich, a radiation protection specialist and Melina Belinco an intern at IAEA. Prof. Shaukat shared on importance of nuclear science and technology for a sustainable socio-economic development in Africa. He highlighted the many areas IAEA has helped member states in improving the life of its populations. He emphasised the need to empower the youth by providing suitable opportunities for training and employment in areas of nuclear science and technology. He challenged the participants especially from Africa to apply for the opportunies and fellowships at IAEA. He further challenged the organizers of nuclear conferences to speak to the world by inviting journalist to their meetings.

The one of the key sponsors of AYNS201, the European Union Project 60, managed by International Science and Technology Centre (ISTC), Khazakhstan was represented by Prof. Kamen Velichkov, a Senior Programme Manager and Diplomatic advisor. He highlighted the main activities of project 60 whose focus is to strengthen the nuclear security culture in East and Central Africa by through improved regulation, training, capacity and awareness. He further mentioned that project 60 will provide valuable contribution to the growing collaborated efforts of national and international stakeholders in the nuclear field in Africa. Prof Kamen committed to further engagement with Kenyan Young Generation in some of the public awareness activities of Project 60. Eng. Collins Juma, the acting Chief Executive Officer, Kenya Nuclear Electricity Board who on represented the Principal Secretary, Dr. Eng. Joseph Njoroge expressed the commitment the government had in supporting the activities of Kenyan Young Generation in Nuclear. This was evidenced by the generous support of the summit, as the welcome reception sponsors, in addition to silver sponsors and many high level meetings they held with the participants at different times during the summit.