Kenyan Young Generation in Nuclear hosted a successful workshop on nuclear communication and advocacy on the 29th and 30th November 2017 at Safari Park Hotel. This workshop was a co-located event at the Future East Africa Energy conference. Over 80 university students, young researchers and professionals from the media and industry from across Africa attended the nuclear workshop. The participants had an opportunities to interact with senior professionals from international companies such as Eskom South Africa, Rosatom, McKinsey, Schneider Electric among others as well as top governmental officials, international partners and nuclear and energy regulators, operators and promoters.

Topics of discussion included

1.  Communicating benefits of nuclear Science and Technology.
2. Nuclear risk and crisis communication. 
3. Nuclear opportunities and challenges in Africa.
4. Best practices in Nuclear Safety and Security.
5. Nuclear Advocacy from the industry perspective.
6. Stakeholder involvement.

High-level speakers facilitated the different sessions during the interactive discussion. They included

Prof. Kamen Velichkov

He combines the work of a career diplomat with his academic research and lecturing. He served in various diplomatic capacities, including as Foreign Policy Advisor to the President of the Republic of Bulgaria, Chargé d’Affaires of the Bulgarian Embassy in Israel, Ambassador of Bulgaria to the Netherlands, Ambassador to Thailand, and Head of Political Department of the European Union Delegation to Kazakhstan. He was diplomatic representative to the Organization for Prohibition of Chemical Weapons and a member of its Executive Council. As visiting professor, he lectured at the College of Europe in Belgium, the University of Leiden in Netherlands, the Sofia University in Bulgaria, The Nazarbayev University and the Gumilyov University in Kazakhstan. He is currently Senior Programme Manager and Diplomatic Advisor with the International Science and Technology Center in Astana.

Madam Sheriffah Noor Khamseah Al-Idid

She is a physics graduate of the Imperial College of Science and Technology, University of London had served as Consultant to the Ministry of Defense on Lasers and Infra-red Technology. Presently Sheriffah is responsible for Nuclear Supply Chain (NSC) and contributes significantly to Financing of Nuclear Power as well as Nuclear Human Resource and Development. Ms. Sheriffah regularly meets and presents to Industry Associations regarding Opportunities in the Nuclear Supply Chain. Additionally she has connected and continues to connect international nuclear-related organizations and companies to local industry associations including construction, manufacturing and services industry, with a view to enhancing awareness of Malaysian companies regarding business as well as investment opportunities in the nuclear power sector. Ms Sheriffah’s commitment for the promotion of Nuclear Education and Training is widely recognized. She was invited by the IAEA to advice as the Agency on Cooperation on Nuclear HCD between Countries advanced in NPP and Countries embarking in NPP

Viktor Polikarpov

He has been the Regional Vice-President of the Sub-Saharan Afruca, Rosatom since 2014. His aim is to develop and support business activities of the Russiona State Atomic Energy Corporation in Africa. He has a wealth of expertise, with a strong background in international relations and business development. Having started his career with the former Soviet Government he occupied many positions including diplomatic posts in Africa. He has worked for Inmarsat (UK) in Russia as the Vice President, Marketing & Sales of Morsviazsputinik, Senior Director, Middle East and Africa of MVS (USA) and CEO of ND Satcom GMBH (Germany) Moscow Branch among many other international organizations.

Mrs. Rogie Mariella

She is currently the Director of the Belgina Nuclear Forum, the Belgian Professional Association representing major nuclear technology players in Belgium (electronuclear, research, nuclear medicine among others). The mission of Belgian Nuclear Forum is to inform and communcate on nuclear technolgy to general public, press and stakeholders Previously, she was in charge of communication for the Nuclear Safet unit within the European Commission. She also held various positions as manager and director in communication agencies working mainly in the European institutions. Mariella has a Master in Journalism and Communication, a Master in European Affair and an Executive Master in Management

Ryan Collyer

He is the communcation Director FOR Rosatom Central and Southern Africa. He joined Rosatom in 2014 with the task of promoting the Rosatom brand as well as driving public awareness of nuclear in African region. He boasts of a wealth of experience in technocal communcation having previously worked as the Account Director of an award winning Industrial PR Agency.

Gaepalelwe Santswere (GP)

He is a senior Scientist, working for te South African Nuclear Energy Corporation SOC Limited (Nesca) which is state owned public utility. He has vast experience in promoting peaceful uses of nuclear science and technology and currently through the South African Young Nuclear Professionals Society (SAYNPS). He leads a team of young professionals in running nuclear advocacy programs in partnership with ROSATOM.


The workshop was generously funded by the following organization