Workshop & Events


Kenyan Young Generation in Nuclear hosted a successful workshop on nuclear communication and advocacy on the 29th and 30th November 2017 at Safari Park Hotel. This workshop was a co-located event at the Future East Africa Energy conference. Over 80 university students, young researchers and professionals from the media and industry from across Africa attended the nuclear workshop. The participants had an opportunities to interact with senior professionals from international companies such as Eskom South Africa, Rosatom, McKinsey, Schneider Electric among others as well as top governmental officials, international partners and nuclear and energy regulators, operators and promoters.


Kenyan Young Generation in Nuclear(KYGN) hosted the first African Youth Nuclear summit in Nairobi from 27th to 30th March, 2017. The summit brought together young and senior nuclear professionals from the; academia,research and development, radiation services providers, healthcare, nuclear operators, nuclear regulators among others to share, exchange ideas and network on issues related to nuclear science and technology.

The conference was organized by the Kenyan Young Generation in Nuclear Network in collaboration with African Young Generation in Nuclear which are affiliate organizations to the International Youth Nuclear Congress (IYNC). Membership to the Kenyan Young Generation in Nuclear Network is drawn from member states of the United Nations.